We are focused on your needs:

  • Our design staff is member of APEGS, Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Saskatchewan.
  • Committed to your satisfaction.  Contact us at any time to make any modifications to your project.
  • Full compliances to the National Building Code of Canada 2010 & Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act.
  • Complete Code Review as per NBCC and UBASA.
  • Full Structural, Electrical and Mechanical Design and Plans.
  • Our design team thoroughly investigates all conditions and will design a foundation system which would resist all applicable loads: axial, lateral and moment resistance in the case of fixed plate conditions.
We not only endorse customers shopping around, we encourage it. When other builders provide pricing, what backing do they offer?
  • Warranties
  • Price Guarantees
  • Is this your structure certified for the climatic loading in your area?
  • Do they provide applicable Drawings and Certifications?
Every Customer's Location has a dedicated "climatic loading requirement" (Snow / Wind / Seismic)
  • How is it possible for a company to offer a certain size and type of building (on sale) and guarantee the climatic requirements of the structure, without knowing where the building will end up? The majority of these high pressure salesmen are merely brokers and they just want to move steel.
Remember, anytime you look at a website and they post some buildings at greatly reduced costs, they were likely not designed for the climatic loads at your location.
  • We urge all of our customers to look at buildings we have supplied and/ or erected.


Will our competitors offer you a list of their buildings w/c satisfied customers and suggest you look at them before making your final decision?
  • If you should decide to buy a building pkg., for instance, from a US supplier and you have problems of any sort (and you need to take legal action), you would not have any legal recourse as they are in a foreign country.
  • Pro-Bilt Structures Ltd. is a Saskatchewan company and they are approved dealers for their suppliers.


The vast majority of companies who offer sale pricing on buildings are not manufacturers they are Brokers.
  • If someone is a Broker and not a legitimate manufacturer, how would they assist you with engineering or other technical issues?
  • Typically customers will need to make insignificant changes to buildings (they buy on sale), as the buildings were not manufactured to their personal specifications. Changes are only initiated by utilizing change-orders and each change-order will cost a customer between $1,200 and $2,000. Once a Broker gets a customer's down payment, they control the process, because if the customer decides not to pay the carious sundry charges they will lose their down payment.
Ask if the supplier has A660 Certification, because Brokers typically do not.
  • Without A660 Certification, customers will not be able to get a Building Permit, to erect their building in Canada.
Pro-Bilt's management and sales/design personnel are available to all customers and Pro-Bilt will be happy to provide the applicable contact information.
  • History has shown that once a Broker gets a customer's down payment not only with they control all subsequent negotiations; they will also make random changes to an order, that will continually inflate the cost of a building package.


Check all of the supplier's web sites and look at their lists of customer complaints. All reputable companies post this information and if it's not there, please ask why.


Pro-Bilt is very proud of their record with customer satisfaction and they are fully invested in the maintenance of their clean record. Ask the competition to respond to the questions herein and gauge their responses accordingly.