Our building team constantly communicates with the design department.
This allows any and all updates to the plans to quickly reflect what is being built while avoids unnecessary costs.

Why Pro-Bilt's Building Team?

1. Ethics
All our employees are trained to properly deliver the project to the highest standards. They take pride in their work and do the work right the first time. No taking shortcuts and no cutting corners!

2. Safety
With ethics come high safety standards. We maintain consistent worker safety records and follow closely to the guides of the Occupational Safety and Health Canada. Likewise, our team ensures that your building is properly built thereby providing you with peace of mind!

3. Knowledge
We train our employees and offer coaching at all times. Our policy is to do things correct and proper the first time. You can rest assure that your building is being built and closely supervised every step of the way. We strive to provide the best service above all the competition and we excel ourselves in providing the right workers for your project!